There are many benefits of locum tenens staffing to fill positions in healthcare facilities temporarily before permanent staff members can be found to fill the positions. The demand for locum workers is on the rise, so much so that you may look for them and not be able to find any. This is probably because you are making some mistakes. What are these mistakes? Below we look at the things you are doing that will frustrate the locum tenens candidates looking for your offers.


1. Dishonesty

Some employers tend to mislead the locum workers on the salary and hours of work so that they can get them to sign an agreement, only to change these later on. This can be very annoying and you will end up being an un-preferred employer when looking for the next locum tenens candidate. It is best to strive to be honest about all aspects of the job from the very beginning. This way when their tenure is over, the healthcare provider you hired can give positive information about your work place to colleagues who may be interested in filling locum tenens positions in your clinic or other healthcare facility.


2. Poor communication

Though they may only be working with you for a short while, it is important to always keep the locum tenens physicians in the know. They have their needs and priorities, and it is best to consult with them before you make any decisions concerning their work. Talk to them before sending any of the job materials and they will be happy to work for you and treat you with respect. For instance, some employers post the workers to facilities as they wish without asking what their preferences are. You cannot just post a candidate to a facility in a different state without asking.


3. Not keeping your word

Some employers promise locum tenens things that they cannot deliver. Be it the working conditions or the amount that you will be paying, you need to only give promises that you can deliver. Why is this important? The reason why you are looking for locum tenens is so that you fill positions that are crucial to the well-being on the clients. Giving promises and not honoring them later on will lead to the quitting of these workers leaving you with a void. Filling it this time will take longer since the others will have caught wind of the false promises you give. Only give your word on things that you are sure you can deliver.


4. Not giving them time to go through the documents before committing

As an employer, you most probably are pressed on time. However, this does not mean that you should pressure the locum tenens into signing documents they have not had proper time to review. Other than ensuring that everything in those documents is clear, give the candidate time to go through this. They need to understand what they are getting themselves into so that they can prepare mentally. One common mistake that employers make is pressuring locum employees into signing the documents and immediately getting to work. When they go through the documents later and find a portion they do not like, they will not give their best effort, since they will not be comfortable.