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Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, and CRNA scheduling challenges are too complex and too constant to rely on a multi-vendor approach when there is a long term gap in your schedule.
The alternative, leaving positions unfilled, leads to physician burnout and increased turnover costing you and your patients too much.
We understand the position you are in, and we are ready to partner with you.
The medstaffONE strategic partnership impacts throughput, stabilizes scheduling, improves performance measures, expands services, drives revenue, combats burnout, and advances patient satisfaction.
It is the right partnership for you if you are expanding a department, opening a new department, covering maternity leave, or covering an open position while physician recruiters find and hire a new permanent provider.

Our medstaffONE Clients Say

“Medstaff is a professional organization with great suggestions as to working out details and improving situations when working with staff.”

Top Ranked Teaching Hospital

“Very responsive. Presents candidates in a timely and consistent manner. Willing to work according to client’s preferences.”

Community Health Center (FQHC)

“Very easy to reach my account manager, who is very cordial and helpful. Physicians selected have been very helpful to help us through difficult times.”

Private Practice

“Medstaff has been extremely organized and helpful in getting us quality locum/interim physicians to help us with our staffing shortage at one of our hospitals. We also worked with another locums company previously that had terrible organization and customer service. This experience was in direct contrast to the customer services we have had with Medstaff. With Medstaff, we have received quality physician candidates to meet our needs. They also had a quick turnaround in sourcing candidates and responding to questions.”

Top Ranked Teaching Hospital
  • One Strategic Partner

  • One Exclusive Contract

  • One Commitment to Guaranteed Shift Coverage

  • One Point of Contact

  • One Connection to a Nationwide Network of Locum Tenens Partners

  • One Commitment to Comprehensive Candidate Vetting

  • One Established Rate

  • One Consolidated Invoice

  • One Customized Reporting Dashboard

Guarantee Coverage with an


“If you are suddenly left with a week of open shifts, what would you expect from your partner? Our medstaffONE guarantee to hospitals and clinics rests upon an exclusive partnership. We take ownership of your long term Locum Tenens scheduling needs, and we guarantee coverage.”

Save Time and Commit to Quality with Our


“Have you ever had to sort through 80 locum tenens provider CVs? Are you frustrated with candidates that don’t even meet your scheduling requirements or aren’t board certified? Do you feel like your scheduling partners are just throwing CVs onto your desks? Our medstaffONE guarantee to hospitals and clinics rests upon comprehensive candidate vetting.”

Streamline Communication Through


“Have you ever had to call 6 people within 1 company? Are you frustrated that different staffing needs require different points of contact? Our medstaffONE guarantee to hospitals and clinics rests upon a single point of contact. One dedicated manager to streamline communication across recruiting, credentialing, scheduling, travel, housing, and even accounting.”


Locum Tenens Providers vs. Unfilled Positions vs. Permanent Placement Providers

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Locum Tenens

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