Credentials Standards

Medstaff directs our recruitment efforts toward well-trained physicians with excellent clinical and strong interpersonal skills. We seek relationships with physicians who are committed to the highest standards of patient care. Therefore, prior to presenting your credentials to a Medstaff client, we conduct an exhaustive referencing and credentialing process. We feel this screening process enhances our presentation to prospective clients, and we encourage you to assist us by providing any information that may increase client acceptance.

What are the credentialing requirements?
We understand that your time is valuable and diligently try to keep all paperwork to a minimum. However, in order to meet our client’s requirements and maintain Medstaff’s quality standards, the following documentation is necessary:

  • A complete Medstaff independent contractor application which outlines your personal and professional history
  • Signed release authorizing Medstaff to verify information provided on your application and to check professional references
  • Telephone interviews with practicing healthcare providers who can personally attest to your current clinical and interpersonal skills
  • Additional written reference letters from providers who have personal knowledge of your abilities
  • Medical license verification by our credentialing department, including status on each state medical license known to be held by you, and if warranted, review by Medstaff’s Medical Review Committee
  • Copies of all pertinent documents required to support privileging and licensure applications, including diplomas, training certificates, DEA registration, license and CME/CEU documents, Specialty Board Certificates, etc.

Licensing Services

At Medstaff, we understand many physicians and providers, to be honest, simply do not have the time or the desire to complete all the detailed paperwork of State Licensing Board Applications – and deal with the 25-30 documents that need to be copied, attached, and verified. Medstaff’s experienced licensing team provides independent licensing assistance to handle these new applications and controlled substance applications for you. We are experienced, efficient, and expedient.

If you would like assistance in having a physician licensed in your state for your facility, we can help. Our service fee for most states is $600. If you are interested in this service option, please contact us today for a free evaluation.