Why do Medstaff Physicians, NPs and PAs work Locum Tenens?


“The opportunity to travel and work in different places.”

“I like the travel, and the excitement and challenge of new environments.”

“I’m able to experience rich cultures without expense to myself.”

“I can make my own schedule, and have the opportunity to travel for work.”

“It fits my desire to travel and have a flexible work schedule.”


“Locums allows me to select practice type, location, and length of assignments.”

“The flexibility of the schedule is the best part of working a Locums job.”

“The ease of obtaining new positions sparked my interested in Locum Tenens.”

“Flexible hours, work from home, autonomy and still able to take care of patients.”

“I enjoy the flexibility and exposure.”


“Extra income. I have a daughter in medical school.”

“The freedom of choice, travel, and better pay rate.”

“The extra money.”

“Supplemental income, and a change of pace from my typical day to day work routine.”

“The extra income.”

“I wanted to work part time, while we were trying to sell our house.”


“Retirement from very busy solo private practice, and the chance to work when I want.”

“The opportunity to retire from my regular job early.”


“The variety of working in different area and specialties.”

“Learning form different facilities, and meeting new people.”

“Locums offers a chance to see different kinds of cases in different parts of the country. You see many different kinds of cases in Illinois than you see in West Virginia. I also enjoy meeting new people and working with new teams of medical providers.”

“Opportunity to travel throughout the USA and experience how things are done in different settings and different locales.”

“Different locations afford the opportunity to see how different ER’s operate. I enjoy the variety.”

“The chance to work with a new patient population, and new EMR.”


“I’m able to experience rich cultures without expense to myself.”



Supplemental Income

Variety of Work

Meeting and Working with New People.

Experiencing Different Practice Models.


Focus on Patient Care.

Fewer Politics.

What is Locum Tenens?

Today, many physicians enjoy the flexibility of locum tenens as a work option in nearly every stage of their career. They enjoy a variety of opportunities from short-term weekend assignments to long-term positions lasting a number of months.

Medstaff Provider Guide

Consider the power of over 34 years’ experience of Medstaff locum tenens – the network of extraordinary practice opportunities available only from Medstaff. Our providers enjoy access to our powerful networks in all medical specialties.

Additionally, as a locum tenens physician with Medstaff, expect the following services as part of our professional relationship with you:

  • Careful, close examination of job opportunities that match your interests Professional liability insurance
  • Claims and Risk Management
  • Assistance in licensure, credentialing and privileging
  • Paid travel, housing, and local transportation
  • Excellent and competitive compensation
  • No placement fees
  • 24-hour-a-day availability

Medstaff Practice Options

Medstaff Locum Tenens Practice Options offer you a wide variety of income opportunities. Choose the practice style that’s right for you, or change programs as your needs change.

Temporary Practice Assignments

Experience a wide range of practice situations in locations throughout the country, typically lasting from as little as one week up to several months, through our Temporary practice assignments. Temporary practice assignments are ideal for those who desire a great deal of flexibility and want to explore many different options., Medstaff assignments can be a useful step in locating the ideal practice opportunity.

Trial Practices

With assignments ranging from a few weeks to one year, Medstaff’s Trial Practices provide unique opportunities to experience how a particular full-time position would really work for you –– before you make costly long-term commitments. Of course, if you find that an opportunity doesn’t suit your needs, you have no obligation beyond the scheduled locum tenens assignment.

Flexible Staffing Options

Many physicians prefer to limit their practice responsibilities to create free time for other family, social, or professional activities. Medstaff’s Flexible Staffing Options work to match these providers with part-time practice opportunities meeting their needs.

How Does This Work?

From your initial contact, your activities with Medstaff will be coordinated through a Program Planning Team consisting of individuals specifically trained to assist you in your particular specialty area. Your Program Planning Team includes recruiters, account managers, licensure/credentialing, specialist, and marketing professionals who will combine their knowledge and expertise to create a practice program tailored to your specific needs. Throughout your association with Medstaff, you can depend on a special relationship with your Program Planning Team.

Our Medstaff Approach To Locum Tenens

After receiving your completed Medstaff independent contractor application, we conduct a thorough referencing and credentialing process to verify all information provided. At the same time, we begin working closely with you to assess your geographical and clinical preferences. In order to satisfy your needs, your Medstaff Program Planning Team must understand your abilities, expectations, and desires.

Licensure And Credentialing

Prior to presenting your credentials to a Medstaff client, we conduct an exhaustive referencing and credentialing process. We feel this screening process enhances our presentation to prospective clients, and we encourage you to assist us by providing any information that may increase client acceptance

What Are The Credentialing Requirements? 

In order to meet our client’s requirements and maintain Medstaff’s quality standards, the following documentation is necessary:

  • A complete Medstaff independent contractor
  • Signed release
  • Professional References
  • Documents required to support privileging and licensure applications, including diplomas, training certificates, DEA registration, license and

Professional Liability Insurance: Medstaff offers a policy through Lloyds of London that provides limits of $1,000,000 per medical incident and $3,000,000 annual aggregate.

Licensure: Medstaff’s licensing department will process all necessary licensure applications on your behalf.

Travel Services: An in-house travel agency is always available to assist you with your travel and accommodation needs

24-hour-a-day Availability: Medstaff is available for emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Financial Arrangements: As a Medstaff independent contractor, you will receive remuneration at either an hourly or daily rate, depending on your specialty area.

Independent Contractor Status: As a Medstaff provider, you will work as an independent contractor, not a Medstaff employee.


Medstaff’s success is built on the experience gained from being in business since 1985 and a commitment to long-term relationships with our providers and clients. We’re about more than just finding a physician to fill a short-term need. We work hard to create satisfying relationships that last.

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