Medstaff Physicians, NPs, and PAs Say

“If you like working and being busy, there’s no better thing you can do. In medicine, you can’t remain static, or it’s time for you to retire. Locum Tenens is definitely an experience to consider. You have to get out of the rut.”

Dr. K

“My family loves it. I go away, I come home, no more stress of being on call or being tired from being on call. This fits my life. Locum Tenens with Medstaff is the best-kept secret.”

Dr. C

“Well-organized, accurate, personable, professional and timely in remittance of information.”

Dr. O

“For me, this was the right thing. It was the same amount of money every day and I made as much in two weeks as I made in a month in private practice.”

Dr. N

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