If you are interested in Locum Tenens, working with a recruiting agency will help you get a placement that meets your needs. Finding employment on your own simply won’t be as fruitful.

Locum Tenens workers enjoy temporary medical positions in countless locations and practice areas. These positions afford physicians and nurses the ability to have flexible schedules, competitive pay, and a variety of work experiences, amongst other benefits. To get the most out of your Locum Tenens opportunities, it is important to work with a recruiting agency. Below you will find a list of some of the benefits that physicians who use Locum Tenens agencies experience.

1. Payments are Timely

When you work with a Locum Tenens recruiting agency, you will receive paychecks weekly or bi-weekly. Physicians who choose to find Locum Tenens employment on their own typically must wait up to three months after an assignment to be paid.

2. Relocating is a Breeze

With a Locums recruiting agency, all of your relocation and travel expenses will be paid. Otherwise, physicians will have to be reimbursed, which may take an extended period of time.

3. Medical Malpractice Insurance is Covered

When a Locum Tenens recruiting agency is involved, physicians no longer have to worry about obtaining or paying for medical malpractice insurance. The agency takes care of the paperwork, payments, and any other coverage details.

4. Your Needs and Desires are Regarded

The relationship between a physician and a healthcare organization is key to a smooth transition and positive clinical outcomes. A recruiting agency will ensure that your needs and desires are met and that you will be compatible with any healthcare facility you may potentially work with.

5. You Will Benefit from Established Connections

Recruiting agencies have established relationships with a variety of healthcare organizations. The highly regarded agencies will therefore extend their good reputation to the physicians and nurses they promote. This will help you get the position you are looking for, in your desired location.

If you have been attempting to find Locum Tenens work on your own, chances are, you are not as successful as you would be had you chosen to work with a recruiting agency. To find out more about how we can help you accomplish your goals in the Locum Tenens field, please feel free to contact us at Medstaff National Medical Staffing.