Locum Tenens physicians must be properly licensed in each state they will work. While your recruiter will do the bulk of the paperwork, physicians can help make the process easier.

Now more than ever, Locum Tenens physicians are in high demand from healthcare organizations. This rewarding work provides many benefits to physicians, including the ability to travel, to control your own schedule, and to gain experience in a variety of healthcare facilities. Before physicians can get started in the exciting world of Locum Tenens, however, they must connect with a recruiter and begin the licensing and credentialing process for each state in which they will work. To help make this practice run smoothly for recruiters, physicians can use the following techniques.

1. Save Your Paperwork

During the process, physicians will need to provide recruiters with an array of documentation. This may include current credentials and licensure information, as well as information regarding your education, experience, residency, Controlled Substance Registration, and TB test results. Also be sure to have copies of proper forms of identification, such as a driver’s license or passport.  While states can differ widely in what they require, keep all of these types of documentation handy for quick access.

2. Be Informed on Malpractice Action

State licensing boards will want to know about any malpractice actions you have been named in. Unfortunately, some physicians become a part of a lawsuit during residency, and may not even know that they are listed as a party. Connect with a legal professional, if necessary, to ensure that you have all the proper documentation and information regarding malpractice suits.

3. Have Your Referrals in Order

One step in the licensing process includes verification of referrals and other important information. Be sure that anyone you have listed as a referral is aware of his or her obligations. Your references must haved worked with you clinically, as well as be able to attest for your skills as a medical professional. Ensure that all of your references are current.

4. Respond Quickly

Some licensing boards will void incomplete or incorrect applications after a certain period of time has passed. Therefore, it is essential that you respond to any requests for information from your recruiter as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

5. Be Patient

Some states are easy to work with when it comes to licensing and credentialing. Some locations, however, can take six months or more to process an application. So, while it is important to stay on top of your licensure process, you should also be prepared to wait in some instances.

To get started on your Locum Tenens work and licensure applications, contact Medstaff National Medical Staffing today.