Healthcare is always changing, but the one thing that always stays the same is that there must be leaders, leading the charge to help make the healthcare process easier for the staff, the patients, and the patients’ family. However, finding leaders can be difficult, so here are some tips that may help you recruit the best medical staff leaders you can find:


Look at your current staff.
Your current staff may have the solution you need and don’t realize it. Observe your staff while they’re working a normal day of work. Don’t make it obvious that you are watching them carefully; focus on studying them discreetly. Are there any staff members who have emerged as leaders of their group? Is there one person who has become the de facto leader?


Ask your current staff for recommendations.
Odds are that most staff members you work with know many other people in your line of work, some at different medical facilities. Let your staff give you names and numbers of people they believe would be receptive for at least an interview or phone conversation. If they aren’t comfortable giving you someone’s contact information, have your staff give out your contact info to someone they believe would fit into your program, and tell them if they are interested to give you a call or an email.


Talk to colleagues at other medical facilities. What have they done to find staff to put in their leadership rolls? What has made their leaders so effective?


Look at locum tenens physician staffing.
Some of the best leaders may come from one of the locum tenens staffing agencies in your area. Locum tenens staffing provides medical facilities with temporary employees. You can use them to fill in gaps in your normal schedules, but you can also use them as a test. If they are a strong and confident employee who emerges as a leader, consider hiring them to be a permanent member of your staff.


It may be a rather simple suggestion, but the truth is sometimes you can flatter staff members into stepping up and becoming a leader. Make sure to tell them their strengths and what you believe they can bring to your team if they step up as a leader.


Looking into finding staff overseas.
It may seem like an extreme option, but finding staff members overseas may help you fill those empty leadership roles. Contact medical schools and residency programs in a few countries, like England, and reach out by telling the people who run the medical programs there that you are looking for strong leaders (and you are willing to sponsor their work visas, if required).


Social media.
When you are looking for leaders in a healthcare setting, try using sites like LinkedIn. Look at medical staff in your area or elsewhere who you believe would fit the agenda. Then be a risk-taker and reach out – contact them through the LinkedIn portal. They may be perfectly happy at their job and unwilling to relocate or switch jobs, but maybe your contact would be a welcomed invitation and opportunity to try something new.


Go to events targeted at your profession.
This is kind of like networking, but it’s with a twist. By setting up tables at job fairs and trade shows, you are basically opening the door for the leaders you need to come in and dazzle you. A true leader won’t be scared to come up to you at your booth and ask questions, take information, or have a conversation about your facility and program in general. If you like what you see, schedule an interview, and hopefully, you may find the perfect leader for your team.