When considering locum tenens opportunities, most full-time physicians rule these out as options. Why? Because they feel as though they do not have time for it as they are already clocking full hours in their current job. In fact, more than half of physicians who work full-time listed their packed schedule as the number one reason why they do not accept locum tenens opportunities. Most physicians have the idea that a commitment to a staff position, working with a private practice, or running a solo, one man show leaves little to no time left over to also take on locum tenens works. The second most common reason for why physicians were not accepting locum tenens work is because they did not want it to affect or interfere with their existing, full-time job.

However, even with the above being said, locum tenens is becoming a more and more common form of work for physicians all across the country. We can extrapolate from that then that more and more physicians are beginning to find ways to fit part-time, locum tenens work into their busy schedules. They are doing this with increasing regularity because they are finding that the experience that they have and the knowledge they receive from working locum tenens is invaluable. Not to mention the added work and income being helpful too.

Why Locum Tenens is a Good Choice

There is great opportunity that can come with working locum tenens. Here are a few reasons why many physicians are taking this on:

  • Working locum tenens is not a full-time job. A lot of people confuse locum tenens as a “second job,” with all of the full-time requirements and responsibilities of their main one. Locum tenens is not this. When a physician works in locum tenens, they may take a shift or two every week or every other week, or a few days a month. However, it does not have the same regularity or demand on a person’s time that a full-time job does.
  • Physicians have the power of choice with locum work. There is a very strong demand for locum tenens physicians at this time, so doctors are able to elect an amount of leverage because of the supply and demand factor. Also, when a physician has this much control in where they go to work locum tenens, how long they go there for, and how often, it effectively removes a lot of the stress normally attached to taking on more work.
  • Working locum tenens is a great way to increase income and to create multiple streams of income. Physicians are often stuck paying off their student loans for more than a decade into their practicing career, so locum tenens work is great for paying down debt more quickly or taking care of other financial commitments. Furthermore, locum tenens typically pay better than full-time positions do. Also, when a physician works with a locum tenens staffing agency, most staffing agencies cover the fees of travel to and from a locum tenens workplace such as airfare, lodging, meals, rental car, and other necessities.
  • Working in locum tenens adds to a physician’s repertoire of skills and experiences. When a physician travels outside of the network that they work in, they suddenly become exposed to various methods of doing things and unique nuances of different practices. Not to mention the cultural differences if one travels a long distance for locum tenens work.

The benefits and rewards of locum tenens work are there to be had. If you are ready to consider locum tenens, contact Medstaff today at (800) 476-3275. We can find the right healthcare facility for your needs.