Locum Tenens workers help fill in gaps in service for all types of healthcare organizations. These adaptable physicians make medical facilities run as smoothly as full-time employees.

Locums workers are highly flexible professionals who are experienced in providing seamless care in any healthcare setting. These workers can provide the services that healthcare organizations need without sacrificing continuity of care. 

Solutions to Continuity of Care Issues

  • Issue #1: Physician shortage: Whether it is due to vacation, lack of candidates, or a lengthy recruiting process, physician shortages cause gaps in service. Thus, patients will not have access to their physicians, causing them to go without the care they need.

How Locums Can Help: No matter the reason for the physician shortage, Locums workers are available to fill in for any duration, allowing for seamless care.

  • Issue #2: Increased patient volumes: Due to mandatory insurance coverage, more individuals are using their healthcare benefits, causing added pressure on physicians. This may cause doctors to spend less time with each patient, which will negatively impact long-term health.

How Locums Can Help: Locums workers can provide the much-needed relief that healthcare facilities need when it comes to increased patient volumes. These workers can support overworked physicians. Not only can this reduce physician burnout, it can also ensure that patient care is not disrupted.

  • Issue #3: Lack of specialists: Limited access to specialists can negatively impact quality of care, this is especially true for underserved communities.

How Locums Can Help: Locums workers offer a variety of specialties, experiences, and skills. Whether a facility needs to add a practice area or requires an individual to work with specialized equipment, Locums can fulfill those needs.

Other Considerations Regarding Continuity of Care

Without these temporary physicians, healthcare organizations may not be able to provide adequate services to patients, ultimately impacting clinical outcomes. Fortunately, Locums workers provide continuity of care, despite their temporary status. Without them, patients may not be able to receive the care they need at all.

Additionally, Locums physicians can provide smooth transitions between patients, as they have electronic access to patient records. When the full-time physician returns, the he or she can easily catch up on patient happenings. Notably, Locums workers are adept at adapting to new work environments, allowing them to make these smooth transitions.

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