Working Locum Tenens can be an extremely rewarding experience. Ensure that your tenure is successful by understanding all contract provisions before accepting an assignment.

If you have ever wanted a job where you can set your own schedule, travel to new locations, and gain valuable experience, then Locum Tenens is for you. Countless medical professionals have enjoyed these exciting positions. To get the most out of your Locums experience, it is important to understand all of the provisions in your contract with the recruiter and the facility. Some essential provisions include, but are not limited to:

  1. Payment terms: It is important to know all payment terms, including who will be paying you, how much you will be paid, and when you will receive your checks.
  1. Covered expenses: One of the many benefits of Locums work is that travel and relocation are covered expenses. Medical malpractice insurance is also typically paid for. Be sure that your contract specifically states what expenses will be paid by each party. Find out if you will be responsible for any costs associated with your new assignment.
  1. Dispute resolution: Agree to terms regarding acceptable avenues to resolve disputes if one should arise (for example, mediation).
  1. Ability to back out: Despite best efforts to match compatible providers and facilities, sometimes placements don’t work out. Additionally, sometimes a physician may need to leave a position early for any number of reasons. Make sure that your contract outlines your rights when it comes to ending a relationship with a healthcare facility. Many contracts include a one to two week probationary period where either the physician or the facility can terminate the contract with or without cause. Similarly, the initial contract can be drafted for only a few weeks, but can include an option to extend.
  1. Facility or physician-specific terms: If there is something you would specifically like to get out of your Locums assignment (such as experience with particular medical equipment or certain patients), ensure that this is specified in your agreement. Furthermore, look out for anything similar that the facility may put into the agreement.

This article is meant to be a guide to Locum Tenens workers and is not meant to provide legal advice, please consult a qualified attorney. For any other questions regarding the exciting field of Locum Tenens, please contact Medstaff National Medical Staffing.