Individuals in the healthcare industry are suffering from an inadequate work-life balance. Fortunately, Locum Tenens provides relief from this increasingly problematic issue.

In the healthcare industry, jobs are being added at unprecedented rates. According to U.S. News & World Report, by 2024, positions for physicians are expected to grow by 9% and positions for nurses will increase by 16%. Despite this trend, individuals in the healthcare field are more dissatisfied than ever by their work-life balance. Healthcare organizations are able to avoid this issue by employing Locum Tenens workers. These individuals can provide the help that healthcare organizations need in order to offer seamless patient care, while also providing the benefits that employees need to remain satisfied with their positions.

The Healthcare Work-Life Imbalance

Recently, individuals in the healthcare field have reported lower satisfaction with their work-life balance. The reason behind this frustration is complex, but can be narrowed down to several factors, including:

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) requirements: Now, more than ever, physicians are required to input health information electronically, which takes a significant amount of time and effort.
  • The impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA): Now that health insurance coverage is mandatory under the ACA, more people are visiting their physicians, making healthcare organizations busier than ever.
  • Gaps in coverage: The healthcare industry is experiencing growing pains, leaving gaps in care. To make up for these openings, nurses and physicians are taking on more responsibilities than ever.

These are just a few of the grievances expressed by healthcare workers as they strive to create an acceptable work-life balance. Unfortunately, many are fleeing the industry, in fact, up to 55% of those in the field are considering an entire career change. As healthcare workers leave their jobs, it only makes the strain greater for those who choose to stay.

How Locum Tenens Can Provide Relief For Healthcare Organizations

Many healthcare organizations are struggling to keep up with the new demands of the field. To stay ahead of the curve, these organizations should consider Locum Tenens. These temporary workers can help healthcare companies effectively manage their patient load, leading to increased work-life balance and decreased physician burnout.

With Locum Tenens workers, gaps can easily be filled. Healthcare organizations can choose the exact type of workers they require, as well as their length of assignment. Thus, these practices can offer their physicians and nurses more time off.  During this time, Locum Tenens workers will ensure that their practice continues to run seamlessly. Thus, these affordable workers provide an excellent return on investment.

Furthermore, adding Locum Tenens workers can help ensure that patients get the care they need and deserve by offering a variety of skills and services that a healthcare organization may otherwise be missing. These individuals can simultaneously reduce the amount of time physicians spend on paperwork, including EHR requirements, and other mandatory, time-consuming tasks.

No matter what type of healthcare professional a practice may need, and no matter how long they are needed, Locum Tenens workers can provide the required relief. This can allow for a better work-life balance for current employees and an improved healthcare organization, overall.

Work-Life Balance and Locum Tenens

Not only can Locum Tenens provide relief for healthcare companies, but choosing to become a Locum Tenens worker can also become a long, successful, and satisfying career choice. There are many reasons why the number of individuals choosing to partake in Locum Tenens work has consistently been on the rise in recent years; an excellent work-life balance is just one of those reasons.

Unlike traditional, full-time healthcare professionals, those who work Locum Tenens can choose their own schedules. These individuals can select their assignments, including length, location, and specialty. For individuals in the industry, choosing Locum Tenens work has lead to the ultimate work-life balance. With their free time, Locum Tenens workers enjoy exploring their new settings and connecting with acquaintances, both new and old.

If you are a healthcare organization looking to improve the work-life balance of your physicians and nurses or if you are a healthcare professional who would like to engage in Locum Tenens work, please contact us today.