Locums workers bring numerous benefits to your practice. To ensure that these benefits last beyond their contract term, take the proper steps to ease the transition for patients.

Locum Tenens physicians and nurses allow healthcare organizations the opportunity to add immense value to their practices. Not only can these workers fill in for full-time employees, but they can also add specialties and skills, decrease physician burnout, and make a practice run more smoothly. By nature, however, Locum Tenens positions are only temporary. Fortunately, when a physician leaves, your practice can retain many of the benefits that he or she added to your office. To ease the transition for your organization and your patients, take the following steps.

1. Have a plan for patient transfer.

It is never to early to discuss what will happen with patients once a Locum Tenens worker leaves. Even before your practice takes on a Locums worker, consider who will take over the responsibilities when that worker departs. When the time comes, have another discussion to make the final determination as to who will take over the caseload.

2. Tie up loose ends.

It is essential that you understand where the Locums worker left off with any and all tasks, including medical records completion. The doctors and staff who will be taking over the duties should be aware of anything that will be left outstanding. A review of patient files may also help ease this transition. Additionally, on a practical note, make sure that the Locums worker returns any property belonging to your practice, including access badges. Also, ensure that any medical equipment used by the physician is in order.

3. Make plans for the future.

Make sure that you are able to easily contact your former Locum Tenens worker in case any questions arise. Importantly, if it seems that your office or organization will still require additional help after the departure of your Locums worker, contact your recruiting agency to set up another placement. Countless facilities regularly rely on Locum Tenens workers for high quality healthcare solutions.

If you have questions about easing the transition for patients after a Locum Tenens contract ends, please contact us at Medstaff National Medical Staffing today. Our professionals can provide you with excellent practical advice and help you engage a new Locum Tenens physician, if need be.