Physicians who take on locum tenens work get to experience several exciting and eye-opening factors than those physicians who constantly remain at one healthcare facility. When physicians take on locum tenens work, they get to experience the thrill of traveling, they have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and professional capacity, and they get to help communities who are in need of care. Working in locum tenens is both rewarding for the individual and the community they travel to. When physicians return from locum tenens work to their regular job, they will not only come back with a full mind of valuable industry knowledge of the area they practiced in, but they will also have the memories of their travels. As well as the good they did helping out at a facility that needed them the most.

However, we need to keep in mind that traveling always has a certain degree of taxation on the physical and mental health of an individual, especially individuals who do a lot of traveling as opposed to just occasional traveling. Thankfully though, there are ways and tricks of the trade of the locum tenens regular to keep traveling physicians healthy and well taken care of in both body and mind:

  • Whether you already make a habit to exercise or not, make sure you exercise regularly while traveling. Most hotels have a small gym you can use while you are staying there, or if not, adopt a quick exercise regimen that you can do twice a day in your hotel room. Exercise while traveling keeps the blood, heart, lungs, and endorphins pumping and helps to reduce jet lag and sedentary lethargy.
  • If you are not much of a “Gym Buff” and prefer to get your exercise out in nature, then select a hotel to stay at that is near hiking, biking, or walking paths and trails. This way you can get in two hikes or jogs a day, one before your locum tenens shift and one right after. The added bonus to doing this is that you will get to see something of the city and surroundings you are temporarily working in.
  • A healthy and balanced diet is also essential. Try to stay in a hotel that offers kitchens within the rooms. This way, you can shop at a local market before your first locum tenens shift and you will have fresh food to cook when you get home. It is more difficult to keep to a diet or meal plan while traveling, but staying at a hotel room that offers a kitchen gives you the chance to prepare your own meals and not have to dine out constantly.
  • Building off of the above point, it is also highly recommended to stay at a hotel that is near a health food grocery store. You are more likely to buy unhealthy food if the health food store is a half hour drive across town. Therefore, try to stay somewhere that is near a health food grocery store.
  • Do not forget to sleep! Traveling takes a toll on the body and mind and jet lag is just a part of that. When traveling, be sure to get at least your normal amount of sleep every night and try to squeeze in another hour if you can. Be sure to avoid not getting enough sleep while traveling for locum tenens work.

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