Locum Tenens clinicians are matched with job placements based on a variety of factors. Understanding the process will help Locums workers achieve the assignments they desire.

Are you new to Locums work and wondering how to get the job assignment you’ve been dreaming of? The first step in the process is finding a high quality Locums recruiting agency to guide you through the process. These individuals will meet with you to discuss your preferences in regards to location, compensation, length of assignment, and desired practice area, among other important factors. The staffing agency will then search for openings within healthcare organizations that meet your criteria.

Once a potential match is discovered, it is important to understand how a healthcare organization ultimately decides on a clinician.  This understanding will help ensure that you get the placement you are looking for. Below you will find some exclusive insight that will get you matched with the right job opportunities.

1.Timing is Key

Locum Tenens positions are in high demand and, as such, there may be competition for your desired position. This is especially true if the job is in a desirable location or comes with higher compensation. As such, a position may simply be given to the candidate whose agency responds to the organization first.

2. Medical Facilities Have Preferred Candidates

Provider clients have a variety of reasons for choosing a particular doctor when they are presented with a number of candidates. They may be looking for someone with a particular skill, someone who can meet a specific need within their client base, or (more often than not) will be the least costly. This can mean, for example, that a physician who lives closer (and will therefore not require housing or relocation expenses) will get the job first.

3. Agencies Have Preferred Candidates, Too

A solid report card will go a long way with your staffing agency. If a recruiter comes to know and trust your reputation in the industry, you can expect to be promoted more vigorously than candidates with similar credentials, but less experience in this unique realm of work.

If you are a clinician who is looking to find the perfect Locum Tenens placement, please contact us at Medstaff National Medical Staffing today. Our professional recruiters will help match you with the perfect job assignments that meet your individual needs.