Retiring physicians often wonder what the next chapter of their lives will hold. By engaging in Locum Tenens work, instead of full retirement, physicians will see a number of benefits.

In these questionable economic times, the thought of retirement comes with a lot of questions. Physicians may be asking, “Will I be financially stable enough to fully enjoy retirement?” “What will I do with all of my free time?” or “How will I achieve a sense of fulfillment without work?” All of these questions are legitimate worries of many physicians and other medical professionals who are retiring from practice. In a time where nearly one third of physicians are within retirement range, more and more individuals will be facing these conundrums.

Fortunately, the solution to these otherwise complex issues is quite simple. Physicians who want the freedom of retirement without the boredom or financial disruption should consider Locum Tenens work. By temporarily filling in positions, retiring physicians can have the best of both worlds. Locum Tenens is the perfect choice for physicians who are considering retirement because:

1. Physicians Make Their Own Schedules

With Locum Tenens, physicians can work as little or as much as they desire. This may sound like an attractive option to retiring physicians who have spent their lives working long hours, being on call, and missing family events. When you decide to try Locum Tenens work, a staffing agency will work with you directly to ensure that your schedule fits your desired lifestyle. Thus, you will never miss another important family function again.

This is also a great option for physicians who would rather taper down their work life, as opposed to leaving practice all at once. Locum Tenens is a great way to keep your foot in the door and to continue to have a connection with the medical profession. Furthermore, the flexible schedule allows you to have the freedom associated with retirement, without the boredom or lack of fulfillment.

2. Physicians Can Travel Without Concern for Expense

One major bonus associated with Locum Tenens work is the ability to see and explore new areas of the country. Your staffing agency can set you up with your desired position anywhere you would like to be. If spending the winter is southern California sounds like an attractive option, Locum Tenens work can provide that opportunity. If you would like to see relatives who live in another state, Locum Tenens can make it happen.

The best part is that most of your expenses are covered. Everything from housing to transportation and malpractice insurance will be covered and your staffing agency will ensure that all arrangements are in order. This is an excellent benefit for physicians who no longer wish to deal with loads of paperwork and logistical details that are associated with traditional practice. So, not only can you explore new areas, you will also do so in a manner that is far less costly than traditional travel.

3. Physicians Can Supplement Their Finances

Some physicians meticulously plan for their retirement while others don’t give it too much thought until the opportunity is right around the corner. Whether you have your financial matters in order or not, it is still hard to predict what unexpected expenses may come your way. Even in the best of economic times, physicians in retirement may simply want to supplement their income so they can continue to live the lifestyle they desire.

With Locum Tenens work, physicians can make as little or as much extra income as they wish. Not only will physicians find the work rewarding, they will also be rewarded monetarily for doing what they love (while also getting the chance to travel). So, whether you have encountered a difficult financial hurdle or whether you simple want to make a little extra money during your retirement, Locum Tenens work may be right for you.

Physicians who are considering retirement are encouraged to consider Locum Tenens work. To get started and to learn your options, please call us at Medstaff National Medical Staffing today. With Locum Tenens, you will get the freedom and flexibility of retirement, without the boredom or financial concerns.