Social media is a multi-purpose tool that can help physicians as they pursue new job opportunities. It is essential that job seekers use these networks correctly during their search.

About one quarter of employed physicians report dissatisfaction with their levels of compensation and independence at work.  Factors such as these lead many talented physicians to seek new job opportunities. Today, much of this job search is conducted via online platforms, from initial postings and requests for more information, to submitting a curriculum vitae and even offering positions.

In recent years, healthcare organizations have become increasingly digitized, offering features such as electronic medical records and telemedicine services to patients. As such, it is no surprise that physician recruiters are using the internet to both reach out to and vet potential candidates. Thus, it is important that physicians use the social media to their advantage when seeking new employment.

Incorporating Social Media Into a Job Search

When it comes to seeking a new position, networking is everything. Linking with other medical professionals, industry leaders, and healthcare organizations can get a physician’s foot in the door. This is where social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter can come in handy. By communicating with these individuals or entities, physicians may find a connection within a potential employer’s organization. This connection can help a physician gain access to important information.

Additionally, physicians know that employers will scrutinize their online presence, but they too can judge a healthcare organization through its social media accounts. This can help a physician answer important questions, such as:

  • “Do I know anyone who is employed by this organization?”
  • “What is the workplace culture of this organization?” or
  • “How are other physicians within the practice rated?”

To get these answers through social media, physicians must assess the nature of their networks, including:

  • The frequency of updates;
  • The quality of content, and
  • The number of individuals who connect with the organization.

This can help physicians narrow their search as they continue on the path to new employment. Not only will this help streamline the process, organizations that do receive CVs from the physician will view him or her as more selective, and thus, more interested in their particular practice. They will appreciate the fact that the physician has done the research. Remember, organizations get countless interested candidates, so setting yourself apart is essential.

What to Avoid When Seeking a New Position

While there are numerous benefits to using social media to connect with potential employers, there are some practices that physicians should avoid when seeking a new position. These include:

  • Being too impersonal: While the internet is naturally an impersonal place where connections are made with clicks instead of handshakes, it is important to add a personal touch. For example, when a social media connection introduces you to an individual within an organization, make sure you thank them, and follow up at a later date. Additionally, when sending requests for more information about a job posting to recruiters (whether through LinkedIn or otherwise), add a quick, personal note and suggest a phone conference.
  • Forgetting to review your social media pages: Just as you have access to healthcare organizations’ social media pages, they have access to yours. Ensure that you remove any questionable posts or pictures. Frequently update your pages with information that recruiters may find beneficial, such as professional publications or accolades you may have received. Furthermore, having a professional profile picture will also help recruiters find you more attractive.
  • Responding too slowly: In this digital world, physicians require increased access to information regarding job opportunities. While you may submit your CV en mass and expect immediate responses, it is equally important for you to respond with such speed. Consider creating a separate email account dedicated solely to your job search. You can use this email for your social networks, such as LinkedIn, so you never miss a message from a recruiter. Similarly, it is important that you promptly withdrawal from candidacy as soon as you come to realize that a certain organization is not the right fit.

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