Dr. N (Ohio)

Dr. N (Ohio) doesn’t mince words. “Private practice was killing me,” he says. After 12 years, he was ready for a change, but wasn’t sure what his next professional chapter should hold. “I sold my portion of the practice and decided to do locum tenens to give myself time with my family, decompress, figure out where I wanted to live, and whether I wanted to continue to practice at all,” he says.

He cast his net, and it wasn’t long before Medstaff offered him an opportunity work as an OB/GYN hospitalist. “For me, this was the right thing. It was the same amount of money every day and I made as much in two weeks as I made in a month in private practice,” says Dr. N. “Then I had two weeks off (two weeks on). This struck me as a good deal.”

Dr. N recalls the benefits he enjoyed while working locum tenens. “It gives you a chance to travel around and see other places – what you like and what you don’t like. It gave me time to collect my thoughts and decide what to do next,” he says.

Dr. C (Virginia)

Dr. C (Virginia) was a tad skeptical about working as a locum tenens physician initially. “I used to think that locum tenens physicians were possibly those who couldn’t find a job anywhere else,” he quips. Once he gave it a try, however, he quickly realized the benefits of locum tenens practice and came to understand why other physicians had gone this route before him. With one child in college and another yet to begin, Dr. C was young enough to want – and need – to continue practicing medicine. “Locum tenens gives me control of my time,” says Dr. C. “This has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s added to my skill set in that I work with different populations, different disease processes, and in different areas of the country.”

Dr. C also likes the fact that his professional liability insurance is taken care of now, noting that his annual premium had risen to $130,000 by the time he left private practice. “This has taken me back to when I could practice without having to worry,” says Dr. C. Locum tenens fits for him personally, as well. “My family loves it. I go away, I come home, no more stress of being on call or being tired from being on call. This fits my life,” he says. “Locum tenens with Medstaff is the best-kept secret.”

Dr. K (OB/GYN)

After early semi-retirement, Dr. K (OB/GYN) has enjoyed a 23-year relationship with Medstaff. “If you like working and being busy, there’s no better thing you can do.” Dr. K says he plans to continue with Medstaff in his locum tenens capacity for the foreseeable future.

“In medicine, you can’t remain static, or it’s time for you to retire,” she says. “Locum tenens is definitely an experience to consider. You have to get out of the rut.” Dr. V says she appreciated working with Medstaff and will continue to do so. “They were great. Whenever I asked for something, I got what I needed or wanted.”


Dr. O

“Well-organized, accurate, personable, professional and timely in remittance and information.”

Dr. W

“Staff very professional. Handled any problems in a timely manner. Always made sure provider was taken care of.”

Client – North Carolina

“Medstaff has been extremely organized and helpful in getting us quality locum/interim physicians to help us with our staffing shortage at one of our hospitals. We also worked with another locums company that had terrible organization and customer service. This experience was in direct contrast to the customer service we have had with Medstaff. With Medstaff we have received quality physician candidates and an adequate number to meet our needs. They had quick turnaround in sourcing candidates and responding to questions.”

Client – California

“I would recommend Medstaff because my experience has been a positive one. The recruiter(s) are responsive and attentive to our coverage needs.”

Client – North Carolina

“Our Medstaff Account Manager has provided superior service and goes above and beyond in her efforts to help us find and recruit providers, without fail and without hesitation, and with a smile in her voice.”

Client – North Carolina

“Medstaff has gone over and beyond to submit nothing but qualified candidates for coverage. Always responds quickly to email blast sent to 130+ firms to ensure Medstaff’s candidates are presented in time to be approved for coverage.”