Though staffing agencies pay for Locum Tenens physicians’ travel expenses and accommodations, these individuals can still benefit from joining travel rewards programs.

Have you ever been upgraded to a first class seat on a flight? Even if you haven’t, you likely become envious as you walk past the large, plush seats as you make your way back to the economy section. For frequent flyers, there are a lot of perks that come with using an airline’s rewards programs. They can qualify for upgrades, get preferential seating, early boarding, or free drinks. The same goes for hotel rewards and car rental offers.

As a Locum Tenens physician, you may find yourself becoming a frequent traveler. Though your recruitment agency pays for the bulk of your expenses, you can still cash in on rewards programs.

Hotel Rewards

When your recruiter books and pays for your accommodations, they can use any rewards accounts that are applicable to that particular hotel. So, visit the website of any hotel you will be staying at and sign up for their rewards programs, they are typically free. When you are traveling to a new assignment, let your recruiter know about your account so he or she can ensure that you get the points. You can use these rewards for anything from free meals and room upgrades to discounts at the gift shop.

Transportation Rewards

Much like hotels, airline and car rental companies offer some excellent rewards programs. When you sign up through their websites, ensure that you keep a record of your rewards numbers. You can then send this information to your recruitment agency, so they can apply your rewards when they book your flight or rental car.

Flight perks may include:

  • Upgraded seats;
  • Free drinks, meals, or snacks;
  • Free checked luggage;
  • Priority boarding; or
  • Double points for in-flight purchases.

Rental car rewards can also afford frequent travelers with advantages such as speedy check-in or upgrades (think luxury sedan instead of compact car).

You can cash in your rewards at any time, whether you are traveling for Locum Tenens work or whether you are going on vacation with your family. If you are a Locum Tenens physician who is ready to start earning travel rewards at little to no cost to you, or if a Locum Tenens lifestyle sounds appealing, contact us at Medstaff National Medical Staffing today.