Welcome to Part 3 of our National Locum Tenens Week series, where we delve into the captivating world of locum tenens through the eyes of Physicians and APPs who’ve embraced its remarkable advantages.

Today, we’re unveiling two pivotal aspects that have drawn physicians into the realm of locum tenens: Professional Growth and Extra Income.

Nurturing Professional Growth

Our providers have shared how locum tenens has been a catalyst for their professional evolution. The diversity of settings and encounters has allowed them to refine their skills, connect with specialists, adapt to varied EHRs, and even delve into unique practice patterns. From ER experiences to expanding clinical expertise, locum tenens proves to be a fertile ground for growth.

 “Met different specialists, embraced diverse EHRs, and adapted my approach.”

 “Explored ER scenarios and uncovered new perspectives.”

  “Experiencing different healthcare approaches expanded my knowledge.”

Enhancing Income Horizons 

The allure of extra income resonates as well. Our providers have discovered the opportunity to bolster their earnings while maintaining the flexibility that locum tenens offers. From funding dreams like travel to supplementing retirement savings, locum tenens becomes a pathway to financial empowerment.

  “Balanced work and personal finances, even during transitions.”

  “Connected with additional employers for extra income.”

  “Flexible schedules mean I can work as much as I want, where I want.”

These heartfelt testimonials spotlight the myriad ways locum tenens cultivates growth and opens new income channels for Physicians and APPs. It’s a celebration of both professional enrichment and financial well-being.

Stay tuned as we continue to unravel the layers of locum tenens’ transformative impact.

“New assignments mean refining my skills and exploring unique settings.” -Physician

“Diverse income sources made room for unexpected life expenses.” – Physician

“It allowed me to have working interviews to know if I would want to work permanently in a certain hospital system. I also made contact with colleagues that I remain in touch with even 10 years later.” – Physician



“It is always useful to see how other people do things and have solved common issues.”

“While doing locums work is a way of winding down my 50 year career in medicine, I am still learning new things from colleagues and hospital staff in new places.  Even old dogs can learn new tricks!”

“Optimize work based on what I want to practice, location, setting and procedural control.”

“I was able to learn more about specific adult Internal medicine conditions (ie multiple sclerosis) in addition to managing my time with patients and other health care providers.”

“I enjoy working in different environments and I am able to do that with Medstaff.”

“I was able to meet different specialists, get exposure to different EHRs., and prove myself as a highly adaptable physician.”

“I worked in ER and I saw things I didn’t usually see like trauma.”

“New assignments at unique locations offer opportunities to improve professional growth.”

“Locums allows me to interact with various communities.”

“It’s lead to a more permanent position where I can take on additional responsibilities.”

“It has improved my social skills and adaptability with working with different people in different settings.”

“Greater EMR exposure.”

“I worked with multiple new MDs with different techniques.”

“Made me more confident and comfortable that I can handle any situation.”

“Get to meet different people, learn new system and work in different environments.”

“Exposure to new practices.”

“Simply gave me another perspective.”

“Helped in professional networking.”

“It allowed me to have working interviews to know if I would want to work permanently in a certain hospital system. I also made contact with colleagues that I remain in touch with even 10 years later.”

“Experienced how others practice medicine.”

“Meeting so many providers and learning new practice patterns.”

“I did have more autonomy being in a clinic on my own.”

“You are exposed to new colleagues, different hospital and EMR systems.”

“Locums has given me the chance to maintain skills that I do not get to utilize in my current position.”

“Exposure to different ideas and techniques.”

“Work with variety of EMR and hospitals.”

“LT has allowed me opportunities to explore new career skills.”

“Different cutures, different health problems, and different ways of treating things.”

“I’ve been able to work in settings that I didn’t know existed or didn’t know how to access.”


“There are different resources at different facilities, and often you have to think outside the box. Staff at new facilities are often familiar with their routine ways to approach certain problems, and often share their experience, knowledge and opinion which may be a new way to manage a certain condition or patient encounter.”

“Locum Tenens work helps you learn new skills. Teaches you to be flexible and adaptable.”

“Locums are exposed to many different ways of doing the same task which leads to a natural ability to be diverse and adapt in any situation.”

“Locums allows for growth as you work in different environments with different populations of people and providers. Every assignment even though it’s family practice is a learning experience. Makes you stronger as a provider and also helps personal growth and confidence in ability to provide excellent care no matter where you are.”

“Exposure to new protocols”

“I have been pushed to extend my comfort zone and my skill set and knowledge base and have grown exponentially.”

“I’ve been able to hone in on my suturing, X-ray reading and incision/drainage techniques working Locum Tenens assignments.”

“The diversity that is part of locum work helps me grow professionally as well as keeps me better prepared to treat my patients more effectively.”

“Learning many specialties beyond basic fundamentals.”

“Going to different facilities allows one to experience a different way of providing anesthesia, also, the types of cases can vary, and meeting other professionals with varying degrees of knowledge and experience help professional growth.”

“I have learned how to work in different settings/environments.”

“By taking diverse assignments, I continue to refine and improve my skills. I am always up to taking challenging assignments to build greater competency and value as an LT provider.”

“I enjoyed the opportunities to see other facilities, procedures, and protocols in caring for patients.”

“It provided the opportunity to work in a unit with high acuity and with patients having atypical diagnoses.”

“I have had opportunity to serve people of diverse nationalities and had to use translation services.  I had to learn cultural customs and how to do exams appropriately so as not to offend.  It also allows me to keep my ER skills where I wouldn’t have otherwise needed them in a clinic setting.”

“Flexibility is key and learning patience as many places lack staff training for which I love to teach.”

“The obvious professional growth is different EMR experience. I found I actually enjoyed the variety of settings, and clients.”

“I am excited to grow as a professional with exposure to different colleagues and institutions.”

“It gave me an opportunity to meet new people and be able to work in a fast paced environment without an orientation period. It was literally sink or swim for me!”

“It’s been wonderful learning the procedures in other facilities.”

“You meet other health providers, and have the opportunity to speak to them, even health providers from other countries. It makes the experience fluid and nice.”

“Working local jobs will always make the traveling, cRNA, more adaptable and flexible as far as their practice and intrapersonal relationships among staff.”

“I have been able to expand my skill sets to include internal medicine, hospitalist, administrator and team lead, in addition to my existing roles and skills as a cardiologist.”

“I learned so much from working all over the US. Everywhere practices medicine different.”

“I work at a facility where I start my own cases, and perform my own spinals which is extremely different from my PRN position.”

“Working as a Locums, you see a wide variety of patients in different elements and use different platforms to keep your skill set up to date.”

“I can learn from others on site during locum tenens assignments.”

“Working as a locum, gave me the opportunity to work in a private practice which helped me to confirm my preference for being in an academic setting.”

“Keeps me current and provides variety. Working in a free clinic, the bulk of the patients are treated for diabetes, hypertension.”

“I completed my doctorate in anestheisa practice while being a locum CRNA.”

“I was exposed to every variety of dianosis through locum tenens including building my knowledge base in orthognathic surgery and growth and development.”

“Some of the assignments I’ve had required specific continuing ed, which they provided. It is enlightening to work in different offices and see what works for them.”

“I felt like my own boss.”



“Recently my employer left the hospital I worked as a hospitalist. I had to make a choice between a period of unemployment and signing a contract that I was not comfortable with. Luckily, I was able to secure a Locum Tenens assignment near where I lived. This assignment gave me time to look for a new job that aligned better with my career goals. Without the ability to work Locum Tenens, I would have been stuck at a place I didn’t want to be.”

“Wonderful connection to other employers to make additional income in the evenings or weekends.”

“Can work as much as I want, where I want for as long as I want”

“New opportunity and place to practice in. Added income.”

“It has provided me with income to travel for leisure”

“Ability to leverage time to income.”

“I work consistently as a locums and it pays more and give me more flexibility.”

“I did locum tenens last year for 2 weeks/month over 6 months to augment my income while my new practice is growing.  It made a huge difference in being able to take care of expenses for our home.”

“Was in-between positions and this made it possible to pay my bills.”

“Extra income from locums has allowed me to pay down my mortgage, fund retirement accounts, and still have fun things like NHL partial season tickets.”

“Extra income between employments.”

“I used PTO for my short locum stint so I had my salary and my pay. Not the only reason I did it but certainly a bonus.”

“I was able to work extra and amass a down payment for a house, help to pay off my student loans, and put money away for college for my kids.”

“Helped pay down student loans.”

“Took on extra work to build a new deck without taking money from savings.”

“I walked away from my job in June 2022 and started doing locums to make ends meet.”

“Locum work has allowed me to maintain a 10 month full time position with benefits by providing additional income and unique professional experience.”

“Guaranteed lucrative compensation with augmented income for emergency or unexpected time commitment.”

“I am semi- retired, and while my savings and social security provide nicely for my personal needs, I like to accept locum tenens assignments to earn bonus income for special projects like travel, or giving gifts to my grandchildren such as the opportunity to attend summer camp.”

“LT has allowed me the opportunity to support myself while spending more time with my family.

“In my experience, locums assignments pay higher.”


“My income has quadrupled since transitioning to Locums.”

“Paid off my student loans.”

“Picking up last minute gigs can be very lucrative.  If you are flexible, you can make lots of money.  Have been hired and on a plane within 48 hours, and got a bonus for doing that too.  Being flexible and always ready to go can really help you financially.”

“Working Locum has generated up to an extra 30% in wages.”

“Working Locum Tenens has been the best decision for me in terms of finances, I have seen growth in my monthly income.

“Allows my husband and I to take several vacations a year and travel the world. Without my extra locums income we would not have this opportunity.

“Working Locum Tenens has afforded me the opportunity to pay off my credit card debt and student loans.”

“COVID support helped my mortgage.”

“The extra income I receive from working locum positions has helped us provide from my sons college as well as helping us to be more financially secure as a family.”

“Provided additional financial security and freedom.”

“My husband’s car was totaled by a deer.  We were able to gather a sizable down payment in a short period of time to purchase a new work vehicle for me.  He took my old work vehicle.”

“Allows me to work hours at a higher hourly rate and works with a schedule that matches my lifestyle.”

“As a national traveler, licensed in 30+ states, I am always on the look out for short term or PRN assignments to subsidise my income as well aside to retirement accounts. Looking toward semi-retirement, Locum Tenens assignments will be the mainstay for flexibility.”

“My full-time job does not allow overtime. And there is no room for additional shifts. I took the Locums position and was able to work part time in a field that I love, Critical Care. This enabled me to supplement my income to care for two families that were devastated by Covid.”

“Locum Tenens income has allowed me a greater work life balance.”

“When I was unemployed for a period of 4 months I was able to use Locum Tenens assignments to help pay my bills without having to get unemployment compensation from the State  It allowed me to keep in touch with clinical practice.”

“New to locum work. I am working less hours and making same as a full time NP.”

“I was able to add a couple of shifts a month above my regular position that provided extra income.”

“I operate a small clinic in my hometown and during credentialing locums offered me the opportunity to keep the bills paid while we were awaiting credentialing.  It also allowed me to earn additional income between fulltime contracts”

“It has allowed me freedom to choose when I work so I can travel more.”

“I worked an assignment in New Jersey that was very lucrative. Working that assignment has granted me the opportunity to save money to open my own private practice. I am in the process of becoming a business owner and I am so excited about this!”

“Working a part-time temp job is very lucrative, and usually easily accomplished thank you to longer shifts in our profession. I am an CRNA and work a lot of 24 hour shifts at my W-2 job, allowing me and many extra days off to pick up part-time work elsewhere.”

“I have been able to continue to practice/see patients while working in management. I work as a 1099 independent contractor.”

“I’m semi retired so locum tenens allows me the freedom to work every other week.  In my 5th decade of life, I really enjoy this type of control and freedom.”

“Working Locums has allowed me to have extra money to pay for all my Christmas expenses.”

“Work life balance at its finest. I love the flexibility in scheduling, and working in my areas of expertise.”

“While waiting to be credentialed for my current full time practice position, working as a locum afforded me the opportunity to avoid a break in income.”

“Made it possible to do some upgrades in the house without dipping into savings.”

“I use it to substantially increase retirement savings.”

“I worked in Wisconsin for two weeks as a board certified orthodontist.”

“Locum Tenems provided me the opportunity to earn well above my average area pay rate.”


Grow Professionally

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As the week unfolds, we will unveil a new compelling reason each day to consider trying locum tenens. Stay tuned for a series of captivating testimonials from our dedicated Physicians & Advanced Practice Providers, sharing their firsthand experiences as locum tenens providers. The publication begins on August 14th, and the winner of our National Locum Tenens Week Survey will be announced August 18th. Keep an eye out for exciting updates!

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