Welcome day 1 of National Locum Tenens Week, where we dive into the world of locum tenens through the eyes of providers who have experienced its benefits firsthand. 

Today, we’re excited to share a collection of insightful testimonials that shed light on how locum tenens has revolutionized the way healthcare professionals approach their careers.

At the heart of this exploration is the concept of flexibility – a cornerstone of the locum tenens experience. We posed a crucial question to our physician community, seeking to uncover the ways in which working as a locum tenens provider has brought a newfound sense of flexibility into their lives.

The question we asked our community of providers was: “Please provide specific examples illustrating how working as a locum tenens has provided you with the following benefits: Flexible Schedule: In what ways has working as a locum tenens provided you with a flexible schedule? Please give examples of situations where the flexible nature of locum tenens work arrangements has allowed you to have control over your working hours, balancing personal and professional commitments effectively.”

The responses we received were nothing short of enlightening. From adapting work hours to accommodate family needs to seizing the opportunity for personal pursuits, these testimonials paint a vivid picture of how locum tenens empowers providers to sculpt their work-life balance in ways that traditional employment often cannot.

Join us as we journey through these compelling accounts, each a testament to the transformative power of locum tenens in offering a flexible schedule that harmonizes the personal and the professional.

“I decide when and where I want to work as well as length of shifts and consecutive days.” – Physician

“I have more time to travel and be with my family.” – Physician

“I am able to choose ahead of time what week(s) work for me.  I can also choose positions that are outpatient-only, which is what I prefer.” – Physician



“Flexibility depends on the assignment, but overall I can have time for predictable events without begging colleagues to swap shifts.”

“I have control over my work hours, which allows me to spend a lot of time with my children.”

“I told them what days I could work-and they provided those days.”

“I set my availability and can decline as I need.”

“Able to use my extra off days for rewarding work.”

“I can control my hours when I want to work.  This has allowed me to be more present for my child and very active at his school.”

“Family holidays are always off.”

“I worked 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off, which allowed me to travel all over the world.”

“I am able to take off whenever I wish, and don’t have to ask to take off.”

“I am able to choose ahead of time what week(s) work for me.  I can also choose positions that are outpatient-only, which is what I prefer.”

“The locums company & I were able to work out a schedule that let me make a decent income yet have time to do the paperwork required for the new position and have some leisure time.”

“I’m semi retired; working locums allows me to pick and choose when I want to work.”

“I am able to take time off at my own will.”

“Freedom to choose when to work and when to be off.”

“Provides work life balance since it gives you an opportunity to adjust your schedule based on your availability.”

“Can chose place, type of practice, and dates.”

“I could work three or four days per month on shifts and days that I chose when it works best for my family.”

“I work when I want to work.”

“I am able to pick dates and number of shifts per month.”

“I decide when and where I want to work as well as length of shifts and consecutive days.”

“I did love being able to dictate which weeks out of the months I wanted to work instead of having to work full time every week with no breaks.”

“I have more time to travel and be with my family.”

“Locum contracts allow negotiable benefits.” 

“I am semiretired and locums work allows me a flexible time schedule so as to allow me to continue to take advantage of a relaxed retirement schedule.”

“I give them my schedule and they find the work.”

“When I did do locums, they helped me a great deal since I was also taking care of my elderly parents. So I had more time for them.”

“Able to schedule shifts as needed.”

“The opportunity to accept locum tenens assignments allows me the flexibility to spend blicks of time doing international medical missions and spend time with grandchildren.”

“100% control of days worked and holidays worked.”

“I was able to schedule locums when I was available and not working my regular job or taking vacation.”

“LT has allowed me freedom to pursue other extracurricular activities including travel vacations.”

“With locums work I am not bound by typical 2-4 weeks vacation allowances.”

“The flexible schedule was fantastic. I was able to chose any day that worked for me and I was able to do my other medical duties, in addition to being a mother of three boys and a wife of a physician, who was also very busy.”



“Allows me to pick what days and months work best for me without the pressure of being a full time staff member. I am able to live my lifestyle while also generating income, working the days, weeks, months I want/can”

“I’m at a place in life (and my career) that allows me to travel, at will, where I want and when I want. My wife teaches so she has summers free and we use my travel perks to expand our world. When she retires, I will take assignments in highly desirable locations to facilitate our love of mountains and beaches.”

“I was able to tell the Locum’s recruiter what weeks I was available, and the recruiter was able to find me positions that allowed me to work on my available weeks.”

“I have been able to work a flexible schedule with 2 weeks off between 13 week assignments”

“I can chose days I will be working.”

“My last assignment allowed me to work 4 10 hour days which gave me a day off during the week so I could do appointments etc as needed as well as a 3 day weekend.”

“I love it because I can accept shifts on my schedule.  This has allowed me to balance my clinic, keep bills paid and still meet my obligations in church and with family.”

“It has allowed me to take trips to many countries in between assignments and is a good source of income for my travel expenses.”

“Schedule flexibility is a huge benefit working when and where you want. Taking time for a family vacation, surgery, family needs without having to ask for time off, feeling guilty or being denied.”

“I am excited to be in charge of my own schedule – when I work and for how long.”

“My schedule was Monday to Friday and no weekends. This flexibility allowed me the opportunity to fly back home every other weekend to my home state of Florida to see my daughter.”

“I can work and stil take off time whenever I want for vacations, etc.”

“My schedule is extremely flexible; but still restricted by my W2 job. I intend to switch to 100% locum tenens later this year to enjoy even more flexibility.”

“I make my own schedule, I work when I want to work.”

“My mother need a very complex surgery in 2019. I live in North Carolina and she lives in Michigan. Fortunately, I was able to travel to Michigan to work and be by my mom’s side every step of the way. It truly was a blessing, very thankful for the flexibility.”

“Working Locums has allowed me to have my own schedule and be off when needed to attend other activities or appointments.”

“I get to choose when to work.”

“Short commitments that could be scheduled around my work at a free clinic.”

“As a Locum, I dictate when I am taking time off not a facility or an anesthesia management group.  I have control over my life, not someone else.”

“Working Locum tenens provided with a flexible schedule so I could work in multiple locations as a board certified specialist.”

“I can pick and choose what I want to do and when I want to do it.”

“I say which weeks I need off.”

“Locums allowed me to set my own schedule to suit my needs one month at a time allowing me to work around MY schedule.”

“I was able to select shifts that worked for me and was guaranteed these hours prior to the regular staff putting in their schedule requests.”


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As the week unfolds, we will unveil a new compelling reason each day to consider trying locum tenens. Stay tuned for a series of captivating testimonials from our dedicated Physicians & Advanced Practice Providers, sharing their firsthand experiences as locum tenens providers. The publication begins on August 14th, and the winner of our National Locum Tenens Week Survey will be announced August 18th. Keep an eye out for exciting updates!

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