2017 will bring changes across multiple platforms, and the healthcare industry is not exempt. There are a few indicators to help us predict what we can expect to see in the coming year.

Knowing what to expect in the New Year can be difficult, but by using past history combined with current trends, predictions can be made about future changes in the healthcare industry. Below you will find projections for these changes in in 2017.

  1. A new administration doesn’t necessarily mean an overhaul of the healthcare system. During the presidential campaign, candidates on both sides made grandiose promises regarding health insurance. Despite these claims, all sides agreed that changes needed to be made and meeting in the middle will prove to be the most beneficial to the most people.
  1. Cyber security will continue to be of vast importance. This year, there were many highly publicized security breaches, which led to countless instances of identity theft. In the New Year, fraudsters will begin to capitalize on this stolen information. As such, prevention, protection, and remediation of cyber attacks will be prioritized. This will be especially important for the healthcare industry, as it holds a large quantity of private patient information.
  1. Healthcare organizations and health insurers will become closer than ever. To effectively manage the risk posed by some patients when it comes to health insurance coverage, healthcare organizations may begin to partner or merge with health insurance providers.
  1. Care will become increasingly coordinated between providers. Not only will coordination among providers help clinical outcomes, but it will also help link patients for payment purposes. This will allow the financial risk to be spread across the multiple practices.
  1. Locum Tenens work will continue to become a popular choice among healthcare professionals. In recent years, the benefits associated with Locum Tenens work have attracted an increasingly large number of healthcare professionals. It has also become a popular choice for healthcare organizations looking to fill gaps in their facilities. This trend is slated to continue into the New Year and beyond.

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