What is your favorite aspect of Locum Tenens?

What are Provider’s Favorite Aspects of Locum Tenens?

We asked our Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants for their thoughts.




Supplemental Income

Variety of Work


“The opportunity to travel and work in different places.”

“I like the travel, and the excitement and challenge of new environments.”

“I’m able to experience rich cultures without expense to myself.”

“I can make my own schedule, and have the opportunity to travel for work.”

“It fits my desire to travel and have a flexible work schedule.”


“Locums allows me to select practice type, location, and length of assignments.”

“The flexibility of the schedule is the best part of working a Locums job.”

“The ease of obtaining new positions sparked my interested in Locum Tenens.”

“Flexible hours, work from home, autonomy and still able to take care of patients.”

“I enjoy the flexibility and exposure.”


“Extra income. I have a daughter in medical school.”

“The freedom of choice, travel, and better pay rate.”

“The extra money.”

“Supplemental income, and a change of pace from my typical day to day work routine.”

“The extra income.”

“I wanted to work part time, while we were trying to sell our house.”


“Retirement from very busy solo private practice, and the chance to work when I want.”

“The opportunity to retire from my regular job early.”


“The variety of working in different area and specialties.”

“Learning form different facilities, and meeting new people.”

“Locums offers a chance to see different kinds of cases in different parts of the country. You see many different kinds of cases in Illinois than you see in West Virginia. I also enjoy meeting new people and working with new teams of medical providers.”

“Opportunity to travel throughout the USA and experience how things are done in different settings and different locales.”

“Different locations afford the opportunity to see how different ER’s operate. I enjoy the variety.”

“The chance to work with a new patient population, and new EMR.”


“I’m able to experience rich cultures without expense to myself.”

Meeting and Working with New People.

Experiencing Different Practice Models.


Focus on Patient Care.

Fewer Politics.

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